Transfer of a mobile phone number from company to the individual


Authorized person to claim on behalf of company

Name: Public user
E-mail: public
Phone number:

The subscriber will get delivered a SIM card with a temporary telephone number by the courier.
The original phone number will be transferred to the new SIM card.
Upon delivery of the SIM card, an initial guarantee fee of EUR 10 may be charged, which will be transferred to the invoice after three invoices paid in time.

The date of transfer of the mobile phone number is always the first day of the month, unless stated otherwise in the application.

The subscriber will be informed by an SMS about the date of the transfer and the need to insert a new SIM card into the mobile phone.

The transferred mobile phone number will have the “O2 Fér” program set up with payment via invoice.
After the transfer of the mobile phone number, the subscriber can administer the mobile phone number via the “Moje O2” portal at, customer line 949, or at the O2 Slovakia point of sale.

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